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Epicor offers a next-generation Enterprise Resource Planning solution for both cloud-based as well as on-premise locations. Our team of senior Epicor consultants is certified with rich industry experience for iScala, Epicor 9, Epicor 10, and Epicor HCM. We provide both functional and technical consulting services to help your company maximize your software investment.Epicor ERP system is modular, industry-specific software used to manage business processes company-wide. Epicor software works well for managing accounting and finance, human resources, customers, the supply chain, inventory, distribution, and manufacturing production management. Epicor software is available on-premises and as SaaS cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning).


For the past 50 years, Epicor has collaborated with our customers to enable a world of better business by developing industry-specific software solutions and services that are precise and future-ready. Epicor Software Corporation innovates to incorporate newer technologies into the ERP system. Epicor uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect machines with sensors and PLCs (programmable logic controllers) on the shop floor in its Advanced MES (manufacturing execution software) that seamlessly integrates with the Epicor ERP (and MRP) system. Businesses of all sizes use the Epicor ERP system and business management software, although Epicor customers are mostly mid-market size. Its customers are in 150 countries.

Deep Vertical Expertise
Cater to specific audiences and their set of needs
Flexible & Agile
Solutions that flawlessly adapt to your business model
Global Reach
Get globally accepted ERP solutions at the tip of your fingers
Technology to Keep You Ahead
Stay on top of your competitors with the help of technology
Streamline & Optimize
Understand the unnecessary revenue leaks with streamlined processes.

Scasys recognizes that your ERP system is not just a purchase but a strategic investment for your company. As Epicor Partner, we curate our innovative solution sets to fit our customers’ needs and help them respond to their fast-changing reality. One that when set up properly and with the proper business processes, can improve overall efficiency and improve profitability. Together, we empower a world of better business.

Using Epicor Signature Methodology, and our own extensive background in ERP software and systems our team will assist your company in maximizing efficiencies by leveraging industry best practice models and localizing where your business requirements mandate to not only ensure your Epicor 9 or Epicor 10 implementation is a success, but that you achieve sustained improvement through a continuous process improvement partnership.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting

A successful business relies on having the appropriate information at the right time. Epicor offers industry-specific business analytics solutions to help you acquire the insights you need to make better decisions. Epicor software includes built-in business intelligence technologies that make it easy to set financial and operational goals, visualize results, and ensure that everyone in your organization understands their significance. Dashboards, charts, and reports that are simple to use may help you improve operations, give better service, and drive growth

Customer Relationship Management

While establishing new client connections is crucial, maintaining existing customers is more cost-effective and lucrative. Epicor CRM solutions can assist you in both cases. Tools for managing contacts, leads, prospects, marketing campaigns, sales orders, and more can help you improve your customer interactions. Share information with anyone who interacts with your consumers in order to create a consistent experience at every touchpoint. You can enhance your connections and give the greatest customer experience in the industry by focusing on knowing your customers—both present and prospective.

Financial Management

Epicor financial management solutions, which range from basic accounting to complex analytics, are intended to assist you to automate and optimize your financial operations while providing better visibility and control. Support complicated standards and regulatory restrictions, including industry-specific needs. We draw on extensive industry experience to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs and address your difficulties. Our straightforward, user-friendly financial management software may assist you in transforming your finance department and focusing on business growth.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Epicor integrates cutting-edge technology with extensive industry knowledge to assist manufacturers, distributors, and retailers improve supply chain efficiency. With a better understanding of your supply chain, you can reduce hidden costs and remove non-value-added tasks. Epicor offers sourcing, SCM, inventory, dispatch, data integration, and shipping solutions to help you reduce costs and fulfill customer expectations for speed and service, whether you need to optimize inventory for a single retail store or connect your whole global supply chain

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Business Consulting Services

With our Epicor Change Acceleration and Risk Mitigation consulting services, you can increase your Return on Investment.

Implementation Services

Rapidly deploy Epicor solutions to meet your strategic goals with industry specific business processes tailored to your individual needs.

Cybersecurity for Small Business

Protect your systems and data from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and natural disasters.

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