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Integrate your business process with Scabizs ERP solution and grow your business!

Irrespective of scale, market, or industry, ERP provides a centralized database for all your business functions integrated seamlessly. Planning, data analysis, and quick report generation enable quality decisions. Ensure the highest levels of transparency in all your business processes with standardized best practices and regulatory compliance. Best customer service and support.


Trust is a factor the drives sales in most cases. To list down few factors Novosis solutions provide businesses and organizations with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality for managing all financial, distribution, sales, and service processes

Easy To Adapt
Easily adaptable to your existing system functionalities
Clear display of every important statistic at the tip of your fingers
Get the best in the market for your procurement needs
Estimate, quote and order management like never before
Keep a clear track of inventory entries and monitor effortlessly
Manage finance-related functions easily from anywhere

SCABIZS ERP helps you stay on top of your sales tasks—from quotations, forecasting, and sales order processing to sales order controlling and early warning systems. We understand sales management is essential for sales-driven organizations that require a comprehensive overview of all customer relationships at all times. That's why even subsequent interactions that affect your customer relations are visible in sales. Take control of your customer relationships and free up time to focus on what really counts in sales Selling. Functions: Sales Management, CRM, Forecasting, Quotation Manage Novosis delivers high-performance requirements planning for businesses with demand tracking. Our materials management is a just-in-time material requirement planning with foresight that tracks all requirements from sales, purchasing, warehousing and production to ensure required materials get to where they're needed. Warehousing, packing lists, and stocktaking are all under your control—without binding you to specific operations or end devices, which can be determined by your use case


Service processing helps you stay on top of the entire lifecycle of your plants, devices and machines. Plan service/ Job assignments and maintenance schedules, as well as the supply of replacement and wear and tear parts for your customers to ensure your service team stands out from the competition. And of course, you can do it all on the go with Scabizs ERP


Purchasing is more than just sending out orders. Requirements must be planned to ensure deadlines and budgets are met. Novo-sis substitutes manual requirements planning and actively helps your purchasing depart-ment make decisions that can lead to better conditions, strategic vendor selections, and on-time deliveries— especially when you're on a tight schedule.


Bookkeeping can be a boring task. we take care of a lot of fully automatically through its complete integration of financials and accounting. Don't lose any more time due to incomplete data from unnecessary interfaces and instead be ready to make strategic finan-cial decisions based on all available informa-tion on Functions: Financial Accounting, Fixed Assets and more.


Reporting, including production efficiency (processing times, setup minimization, machine downtime, repair frequency and costs), purchasing efficiency (price devel-opment, batch sizes, procurement costs, vendor returns), and innovation efficiency (P+P costs vs. revenue from new products, new customers, cost savings), keep you up to date on how your business is perform-ing and innovative dashboards

What we do
ERP Solution – Personalized For Your Need

Information is the key to the success of an ERP project. An experienced and expert partner can navigate you to overcome all challenges and provide you with solutions to fit your needs. Scasys team has the required expertise to make every implementation a guaranteed success.

Setting New Standards

The only software that is fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of your industry can help your organization perform better The software must also take into account the regional or country-specific differences, and varying regulatory and tax law requirements. Scasys with its team of experienced professionals has built Scabizs ERP with the required knowledge to understand and perform based on market and region.

Future ERP

ERP has evolved and is still evolving. In the future you will find ERP services delivered over the cloud, newer core business functions become part of ERP, newer accounting models being added and ERP becoming more and more automated. This would mean, with a current decision you can also be a part of the fast-moving ERP change.

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